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Trust your technology to CloudG and free up your resources to focus on business objectives

We provide the tools you need to do your job better. Our solutions and services reduce both initial and on-going IT operational costs for your business. We incorporate the latest digital technologies, including automation and the cloud, to create efficiencies that save you time and money – and free up your people to focus on revenue-producing tasks.

From using the technology we build for you, to accessing our 24-hour support line, we manage all of the intricacies of your technology so you can get down to business – without worrying about your technology infrastructure.

Our Solutions, Your Business
Customized IT Services For Your Business

Your business is unique and your technology services need to be tailored to meet your specific needs.  When you partner with CloudG, we’ll assess your current technology to identify areas for improvement. We’ll then design a solution that is both efficient and cost-effective for your business.  Whether you need full-fledged end-to-end services or a few, effective concierge services, we offer a full range of services and solutions to meet your needs.

  • IT Consulting
  • App Design and Development
  • Web Design and Development
  • Database Design
  • Network and Server Design
  • Exchange Email Server Implementation and Administration
  • Network and Server Implementation and Administration
  • Telecom VoIP install and Administration
  • Windows, Linux, OS X Server Install and Administration
  • Client Workstation Management
  • Building Security and Access Control
  • Help Desk
  • Exchange Email Hosting
  • Web Hosting
  • Application Hosting
  • Hosted VoIP
  • Data Center and Colocation
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We create a single, efficient IT ecosystem for your business by connecting disparate systems and locations – linking facilities, departments, teams and remote workers together.

No matter what your business size, our communications platform simplifies the process of deploying VoIP connections, messaging, email and screen sharing – enabling your work teams to easily collaborate from anywhere.

  • VOIP Telephones
  • Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) for iOS & Android
  • Microsoft 365: Office Licensing, Email Licensing, Azure Administration, SharePoint Administration
Our Solutions
24/7 Help Desk

Our technology experts are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help solve all of your hardware, software, and connectivity issues. Most issues can be solved remotely, saving you time and money by eliminating the need for an on-site technician. Whether you’re onboarding new employees or troubleshooting access issues, we’ll help you solve the problem and get back to work quickly.

Our Solutions
Ongoing IT Management

We’ll keep you up-to-date and running smoothly by executing your customized IT roadmap. From updating firmware to applying the latest security to monitoring real-time notifications, we reduce – or eliminate – downtime by getting in front of potential issues before they occur.

Our Solutions
IT and Cyber Security

In today’s dynamic and sometimes hostile world, there is nothing more important than keeping your proprietary information safe and secure from hackers and cyber attacks. Our experienced team utilizes best-in-class software and proven practices – including advanced malware protection, firewalls, and advanced cyber security tools – to manage security and compliance for your business.

We make it our business to detect and prevent cyber attacks before they happen, employing certified hackers to test our systems and identify potential weaknesses so we can mitigate potential attacks on your IT system or networks.

Our Solutions
Outsourced CIO/CTO

Let CloudG be your executive technology officer. By outsourcing the IT management function to us, you have access to expert IT leaders when you need them – at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time Chief Information Officer/Chief Technology Officer, Vice President or IT Director. We are experts in overseeing technology audits, acquisitions, and recommendations for your company.

We specialize in large-scale acquisitions, ensuring a smooth transition for both parties. If you are considering acquiring an existing company, we will assess the IT systems to determine what needs to be added or changed to accommodate the integration of existing data/IT assets into your ecosystem, facilitating a quick and easy transition.

Our Solutions
Hosted VoIP

Work environments are changing and the work-from-anywhere trend is here to stay. To keep pace with the evolving workplace, you need a unified, scalable communication platform to connect your dispersed team members—in the office, at satellite locations, or those working remotely—connect to your customers, and stay ahead of the competition.  Modernize your old phone and PBX system with a more scalable and affordable fully managed VoIP solution.

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