The Challenge

Our client, a regional restaurant chain with seven locations across two states, was facing ballooning IT support costs and aging technology. Along with the typical IT functionality needed to run the business, the restaurant chain needed to provide secure and reliable wi-fi to its guests, but the staff was stretched too thin and did not have time to address the technology needs. In addition, high volumes of takeout orders at each location left staff with less time to devote to customer service for in-house diners. The client required a system that centralized takeout orders while still allowing each location to provide a personal touch to its customers.

Our Approach

CloudG started by analyzing telephony costs and patterns. We developed a solution that linked all seven locations together through a custom-programmed Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system. The system allowed each location to keep its existing phone number, run its own custom marketing messages, and customize its schedule for answering the phones—giving each location a tailor-made solution that can adjust to unique setups for holidays, promotions, times zones, etc. In addition, a centralized catering and special events telephone line was implemented, enabling our client’s home office to handle those requests.

Finally, CloudG implemented advanced security for all internet gateways, and worked with local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to ensure that the quality of the internet circuit at each location was sufficient to handle internet traffic for both the restaurant and its guests.


CloudG’s platform centralized takeout orders across all seven of the chain’s locations, increasing efficiency by freeing up on-site staff to perform other tasks to take care of in-house diners. Each restaurant in the chain still maintained its personal touch by providing the ability for phone customers to speak with onsite staff, even though the input of takeout orders was completed off-site.

Efficiency was also boosted—and communication errors eliminated—by routing special events calls to the main office rather than relying on staff at each location to relay the messages to the office.

Each of the chain’s restaurants now has secure, reliable internet on which to conduct its business and its guests can easily access wi-fi while dining—without impacting the restaurant’s computer systems.