The Challenge

Our client, a growing company which provides home health, hospice, and palliative care to senior populations across the country, was struggling with burgeoning IT costs that were hampering growth.  The relatively small company was emerging as a standalone entity and looking to eliminate its reliance on the technological infrastructure of its much larger sister company, which had historically struggled to meet the client’s IT needs.

Our Approach

CloudG was engaged early in the organizational transition process.  Our IT experts worked closely with the client’s team to determine the client’s needs and identify solutions to best address those needs. Working with the client’s executive team and field staff, we developed a roadmap and established best practices to ensure efficiency and compliance. Our solution—including services, software and licensing—was developed and implemented over a 12-month period.


With the customized, scalable IT system built and implemented specifically for its needs, our client reduced its IT costs—staffing, software and licensing—by more than 50%. In addition, business continuity was ensured with the establishment of true redundancy and the improved efficiency of the company’s help desk and other technological endeavors.

Over the four years since initial implementation, the client has grown tenfold, with more than 4,000 staff members and an expanded presence from the East Coast to Hawaii.  CloudG continues to work with the client to address its ongoing IT needs and ensure its IT foundation is poised to handle substantial future growth.