The Challenge

Our client, a local automotive dealership, was struggling to find a cost-effective, easy-to-implement technology solution to facilitate regular contact between off-premises employees and in-house employees and help them serve their customers better. The client required a secure network through which employees—no matter their location—could access pertinent information as well as a reliable phone system that would allow their finance office to connect with representatives on the sales floor and their customers to connect with the correct departments.

Our Approach

CloudG developed a solution that solved both needs.  First, we implemented a robust, sophisticated network appliance that allowed off-site finance and managerial staff to tap into back-office systems through a Virtual Private Network (VPN).  The VPN connection allowed for quicker application processing and provided redundancy to on-site staff.  We then customized a hosted Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution for the auto dealership. This solution included unique ring groups, call queues, and extensions for each of the dealership’s departments— sales, service, finance, etc.  Finally, we employed a mobile app through which all of the dealership’s staff could interact with each other from anywhere.


The implementation of the VPN network and VoIP solution allowed the auto dealer to greatly improve the efficiency and quality of communication between its on-site and remote staff, and positively impact the customer experience. After four years, the original systems are still in use and providing the desired benefits. The auto dealership’s satisfaction with and confidence in CloudG’s expertise has led to further engagement, with CloudG hosting the dealership’s website and provisioning and supporting Microsoft licensing for their business.