The Challenge

Our client, a hospice and palliative care provider, was contracting with a third party to manage after-hour patient calls.  When a call came in, the third-party would answer the calls and then route them to one of our client’s on-call nurses. In addition to being costly, the process required the third party to transfer the patient calls to the nurses, which delayed the patient’s access to the nurse and sometimes got disconnected.

Our Approach

CloudG worked with the client to provide a system that would eliminate the need for the third-party answering service and connect patients directly with the client’s after-hours, on-call nurses. We created cues on the client’s phone system and set up their nurses within these cues. This enabled the nurses who were on call at a specific time to receive the calls directly through the associated app, eliminating the middleman.


The new system streamlined the process and gave patients immediate access to the on-call nurses, shortening call time and enhancing the patient experience. Once the system was in use, our client no longer needed to pay a third party to answer the  calls, saving them a lot of money.