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Our solutions reduce upfront and ongoing IT operational costs to power your business with a cost-effective subscription model:


Automation that leverages the latest technology for all your IT needs


Networks and server implementations that self-heal and fail-over automatically using proprietary CloudG technologies


Autonomous Design (AD)


Why Choose CloudG Solutions?

We have delivered high quality cloud-based solutions before ‘cloud’ computing became mainstream. We offer competitive pricing to top clients like Supply Link, Welbrook Senior Living, Xcel Financial, Hinckley Automotive, Blue Lemon and GeoConnect.

We Can Help Your Firm Grow Faster

Delivering digital transformations that will enable you to power efficiency, networking technologies to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

Managed services and out sourcing

We offer Consulting Services specifically designed to understand the pain areas of mid-sized and large enterprises in order to help them adopt right technologies with clear IT road map that aligns to the business need and is scalable with the right investment.



Technology Services

  • – IT Consulting
  • – App Design and Development
  • – Web Design and Development
  • – Database Design
  • – Network and Server Design

Full Service Managed IT Solutions

  • – Exchange Email Server Implementation and Administration
  • – Network and Server  Implementation and Administration
  • – Telecom VoIP Install and Administration
  • – Windows, Linux, OS X Server Install and Administration
  • – Client Workstation Management
  • – Building Security and Access Control
  • – Help Desk

Cloud Solutions

  • – Exchange Email Hosting
  • – Web Hosting
  • – Application Hosting
  • – Hosted VoIP
  • – Data Center and Colocation
  • – Amazon Web Services (AWS)

How We Work

Simply put, we develop awesome technology solutions, fast.

  • 1
    Proven Results
    We have a proven track record of delivering quality solutions to our clients
  • 2
    Recognized Experts
    Our talented team of individuals have a wide range of technical skills ranging from IT consulting, network/server administration, and app/web development
  • 3
    Project Guidance
    We build custom solutions that meet the individual needs of each client


We’re proud to have contributed with lines of code to their success story:

What our clients say

We have delivered high-quality custom software for all major types of companies thanks to our substantial exprerience and a dedicated team of developers.

CloudG specifically has been a big help in setting up our computers here at the shop. They’ve been able to take care of any problem either through remoting in or physically coming in, and they are really great to work with.

– Guy DeHaan


CloudG Solutions has been taking care of our IT needs since we started and continues taking care of our technology needs as we’ve grown.

– Tracie Garcia

Xcel Financial

CloudG Solutions is amazing when it comes to our IT needs.  They are knowledgeable and professional.  They are quick to help us with our projects, and are always so personable.  They are a great asset to our team, we highly recommend them!

-Jantse Wilson


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